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Working at Home While Caring for an Elderly with Cognitive Challenges

COVID-19 has come, challenged us, and still amongst us. With it has come forward challenges that were unspoken in the past. We may have faced covid like situations previously and thought of this as the norm…hmmm? 

In addition, working at home is challenging, for many of us. What if one has had to care for one’s parent or grandparent, or even someone so dear with cognitive challenges. Those cognitive issues could be mild, moderate, severe, or end-stage.

Many people in this world care for their parents, caregiving has been seen as a family tradition. Caregiving cannot be reversed, it’s role in healthy aging is critical if not endangered. What would we do, or one do in such situations?

Here are some simple takeaways:

  1. Surround oneself with a support halo… organizations, communities, neighbors, local volunteer groups, charity, etc.
  2. Understand the status of one’s parent or grandparent, the spectrum is very wide and confusing
  3. Caregiving is stressful, avoiding crisis with proper education and resources is helpful 
  4. What are the options, sharing care, friends and family, local church, or adult daycare? 
  5.  Diary and note-taking: a daily routine can help unveil problems before they arise
  6. Setting routines, setting time for oneself 
  7. Paid caregivers private, personal (if monetary health is safe and secure)
  8. Having a conversation with one’s workplace
  9. Making and taking time to do routine work with some ways to be flexible
  10. Pre prepped meals or food, shopping online or through coop or community organizations 
  11. Bathing services through volunteer organizations
  12. Hobby times for the elderly, making happy memories
  13. Keeping elderly’s health checks up to date 
  14. Spiritual counseling 
  15. Activities per the elderly

There are no right or wrong ways for end of life care is very different than caring for someone with mild cognitive impairment and fully functional.

We would love to know other ways, please share with a comment below, thanks for reading! We hope to bring you many many more ways in our future series. We learn as we go along from viewers and readers like you.

Wishing wonderful caregiving days, filled with heartfelt pride, appreciation, and empathy.

Cheers to all caregivers, and to all elderly for a life is a life, whether it is incapable of reminiscing the present but only the past.

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