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The 21st Century Aged!

The World Health Organization stats on Aging statistics are staggering… It is wow phenomenon… As more seniors by 2030 compared to millennials, with dropping birth rates, better health care outcomes…we may reach a new high in the future??

To discuss 21st century aged is to discuss the future of our populations aging…. As every country is aging… and it is unstoppable.

Why are they different?

  1. They are more aware because of the very aware younger generations, cohabiting, living or surrounding them
  2. Technology has made access a human rights… and it is a pride of a senior to be able to connect, in real time
  3. Many no longer believe in the past era, are more vocal/ verbal and are more progressive than many younger generations
  4. Age is just a number, for many their lives are the same, even better or could be better
  5. Medical treatments, early diagnosis, preventative measures and improved management prevent many from suffering the things at the age their own parents or grandparents did
  6. Awareness to surrounding, freedom, rights, championing for self or for others is a trend
  7. Language is no longer a barrier, seniors can often understand other cultures better than their counterparts
  8. Quality of life… is what most are looking for, and they know, they plan about their futures …
  9. They are not bound by anything, many have choices in life, can continue their lives and even encourage others to do so
  10. Seniors are an important part of society… in every way

The 21st century aged… are laying the blocks to build the 22nd century aged. Open mindedness, embracing modernism, showing interest … are the hallmarks of a progressive aging society. We would love for you to send us examples of what seniors do around the world, let us share and inspire all.

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