How Old is Too Old? A Number’s Game!

While we pride ourselves in terms of our accomplishments, we are silently held to our age. Has it ever occurred as to how and why did we ever come to 65 as the Geriatric age as in many countries and some much earlier than that? What makes us grow old or never old? Is it the mindset? Our food, our culture, our being, our community, our land, our water, our economics? 

Aging is a number’s game, for healthy aging is defined differently in every part of this world. Wrinkles are welcomed in some while shunned in others. Senior living and care are enjoyed by some while dreaded by others. What makes us this way? Who and what is the influence? 

Our definition of aging looks back at the traditions of childbearing and childrearing, hunting, gathering, and conquering! Hence thirty was old a few hundred years ago, where lifespans were significantly diminished and now with the advances, in artificial ways of anti-aging, we consider aging a game of economic health. 

Are these so ways to slow down aging, magic, or a human mind’s inability to appreciate the cycle of human life? We look at ways we can change and embrace a healthier, appreciative aging world! 

  1. Aging is a natural beautiful phenomenon, accepting aging with a positive attitude helps 
  2. Wrinkles are not always natural and can be caused by intake of harmful chemicals in many ways, 
  3. Sedentary life is not healthy aging, an active lifestyle is.  
  4. Good nutrition, eradicating crash diets, proper hydration is necessary.
  5.  Learning something new is part of healthy aging, it is never too old to learn something. 
  6. Making conversations more meaningful and interesting and leaning away from gossip can be inspiring and empowering to our brains. 
  7. A working mind is a healthy mind always… so keeping busy even with simple daily things is critical to mental health and attitude towards aging. 
  8. The feeling of gratitude in everything can bring the joys of aging closer. 
  9. Healthy aging, looking younger is not a competition, and it should never be…and understanding every person is on their own time cycle.
  10. Healthy aging is also about personal growth in every dimension. 

Well, many of the above make it is a non-numbers game, but we do have a long way to go, we can start right today if we made up our minds! Many times we will have to make choices in the best interests of our own health, age and this is the healthy aging life’s simple pleasures or mihygge.   

No one is too old for anything, with this we conclude, but we always love to hear from our readers, other bloggers, and followers… feel free to share your thoughts, for not one answer fits all! Thank you until next time.

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