What is Age at home?

Aging is a journey, which takes place over many places… from home to home to home…There are no
rooms, beds, or houses, only homes. We define Age at home, as the beauty of aging anywhere, for
anywhere can be home. In this context, we also bring a new concept of making it homely, anywhere, and
everywhere in this world.
As we begin wondering what we just wrote above, it is nothing new, scientific, or even innovation,
for humanity before the advent of so much change for decades was this way unless someone went or
ventured into an enemy’s territory in times of war, and history.
Now Aging at home also includes the world of caregiving, for they go together hand in hand. So if an
elderly were to get care at home where they lived all their life and then move to a senior living or
community… it would still be the same continuum of life… for home is home, no matter where we live,
retire or get care! That happiness of home either brought to our elderly or savored by our elderly is
beneficial mentally to all people and surroundings. It has a rouleaux effect on all aspects of health…
However Aging can have different needs, wants, haves, and musts… each of us is unique and so are our
elderly. That does not necessarily translate to a common well-being quotient, for soul health varies per
culture, heritage, health, and so many other factors.
Here are some ways to make Aging a blessed journey through the above concept at any time in no
special order:

  1. How do we define Aging? And has there been a discussion or dialogue on this?
  2. Why the “Home” is the center point of all focus in our quest for Aging at home?
  3. What steps have we taken to understand that home is home, no matter where, when, which,
    how, or what?
  4. How do we transition from home to home?
  5. The best practice is to Age with confidence & happiness.
  6. What about mental health, cognitive health, physical health, and others when we Age at home?
  7. How Aging at home can benefit an entire community, and the world through a rouleaux effect?
  8. Ways to bring about a positive experience in Aging at home?
  9. Making Aging at home a norm, through health education.
  10. Lessons we learn when we Age at home vs others that might be there…
    What we develop, sustain, and remodel today must be a gold standard for later and tomorrow. It will take time, and resources to help our worlds to embrace Age at home. A home is a home, devoid of many things.
    What will the future look like? How will it not? For us, as we grow older, is the world of Age at home.
    Certain barriers may make Healthy aging an impossibility but the feeling one gets through aging at
    home, the feeling of living, retiring, or getting care wherever and whenever they desire is incomparable.
    For that feeling is the mihygge feeling, the cozy living where we get to enjoy life’s simple pleasures…
    anywhere while we Age at home! With this, we begin a new series on Age at home under Empowerment
    with mihygge! We are excited to bring many more… we appreciate all follows, and likes… until then, goodbye and thank you.
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