What families/seniors love about their senior living and care: ( same as reasons to move into senior living and care)

  1. culture ( as they can find someone of their age )
  2. Separate entrances to their rooms/privacy
  3. Ability to move in with spouse/sibling/children if need be
  4. Simple homely menus are served on time without the hassle of cooking, cleaning, shopping, or managing the home. The families can also sit and enjoy a meal together.
  5. No worries about managing yards or gardens ( the patio allows them to grow planters or pots, most
    The senior living communities have gardens and walking paths.
  6. parking space (private ) or valet or easy public parking on the street.
  7. Rooms have full-length mirrors, so it’s easy to get ready,
  8. The layout is similar to their own rooms in their homes
  9. Snacks are available all day long.
  10. Happy hour/afternoon tea/coffee
  11. chatting in the library (for reading), listening to audiobooks, browsing, or just chatting.
  12. Entertainment ( music, concerts in-house, movies in movie theaters or on television)
  13. Safety and security are always
  14. Friendships, sometimes leading to weddings or partnerships,
  15. Celebrations ( personal, national, holidays )
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