mihygge - senior living (credit - pexels)

What seniors/ families do not like in senior living and care

  1. All non-homemade meals
  2. No snacks at bedtime/ in between meals
  3. Sounds of electrical gadgets, carpet cleaners, laundry
  4. Old toilets/ new water-saving ones
  5. Spiders, ants, insects, unclean homes, kitchens
  6. No clear exit and enter signs
  7. Poor quality of menu choices
  8. People of not their level of care like all memory-challenged seniors amongst one non challenged
  9. All elderly of one gender and no diversity
  10. Homes are not well equipped for extremes of weather conditions
  11. The stress of moving from one home to another, if a different level of care is needed
  12. Difficulty to adjust with language or mobility barriers
  13. Non-transparent and untrustworthy
  14. No accountability for work or promises
  15. No access to a patio or garden
  16. No entertainment or outings
  17. Fall risk- torn carpets, too much furniture, cluttered home, slippery bathrooms, no safety rails,
    or equipment in rooms as needed
  18. Staff turnover
  19. Speaking in one’s own language and making it uncomfortable for elderly
  20. Restricting the elderly from living their lives.
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