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What 5 Things Affect Seniors’ Health?

I constantly get to read … things a senior must know, a caregiver must know and so. Here today I uncover 5 things affecting seniors’ health?

These are based on: questions I was asked for decades in the past.

  1. Breath: breathing is important part of our systems, shortness of breath can alarm anyone, more so as they may be a symptom or sign of inner body systems not working or failing or deconditioned.
  2. Nutrition: Body Mass Index is critical but even so is muscle mass, asthenia, wasting or flabbiness is not always the sign of aging. They may uncover some unpleasant discoveries, especially when malnutrition, elder abuse and neglect may be a part of it.
  3. Hydration: Losing the sense of tasting water is not uncommon as we age, in my career, I have seen elderly not take an ounce per day and never asking for either ….Why this is important is many conditions and diseases can be missed due to dehydration, or mask and show differently, or even so camouflage grave internal damage. Water intake is not the same as eating fruits and vegetables. The ricochet effect is frequent urinary tract infections, falls, confusion etc
  4. Movement: Physical functioning is the key to prevention of many issues in seniors’ health. Adequate functioning is a must, exercises and mobility are key. Without using it regularly, losing it is easy, recovery to baseline is or may be impossible. Hence exercises therapy, tailored to different physical presentations can prevent further morbidities and mortalities
  5. Mental Health: No matter how many friends, families, activities one may have or do, there is difference between isolation and personality. Some older people in my experience wanted to be alone, it was their choice, some wanted to have a large company, some wanted only to experience certain things…not all were or had been depressed and needed medications. Personalities vary, however understanding the mental health needs of a senior and not mislabeling them is very much crucial to a healthy aging process.

Therefore, being aware, open minded and understanding humans and culture in aging is beneficial.

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