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I recently had the opportunity to create a sweet fragrant healthy edible herb and flower wreath for our front porch. If you would like to, here is an idea; you will need bay and eucalyptus leaves, dried lavender, fresh rosemary, savory, thyme, oregano, lemongrass, mints of all varieties, anise hyssop, parsley, lemon verbena, sweet marjoram, lovage, fennel, sage, tulsi and other basils, chamomile, sorrel, chives, you can use all of these varieties or combinations to make bunches with a sticky tape. You will need edible flowers like borage, pansy, nasturtiums, violets, arugula flowers, calendula, basil flowers, roses, and many more, make sure to include at least 6 inches of stems for herbs and flowers. 

Now use a metal ring base, tie one end of a loose metal string to it. Make at least eight bunches of herb flower bouquets and eight bunches of eucalyptus bay bundles. Now alternately wrap the bundles onto the metal wreath frame tightly with the string three times and continue until the entire wreath is done. You can now tie a couple of old small metal bells to the hanging end of the wreath, garnish with ribbons or just let it be as is. You will enjoy this until the new year and best of all, it is edible, healthy and you can use those dried herbs at the end of the season to make a herbal Italian or French mix for your spring recipes. Caution: use only edibles in this wreath and compost the rest. Happy November!

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