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Is Your Senior Ready to Live in Their Own Home Post Discharge?

When was “ready” used in healthcare, and why did we start using it?? Somewhere in the history of caregiving and healthy aging, there must have been reasons…

Post hospital or rehabilitation discharge are different terminologies.

Hospitalizations can be for many reasons, as are Emergency room visits and rehabilitation visits and stays.

Here is a list to consider in the evaluation…

  1. Have the ADL and IADL pre and post episodes and scenarios as in above similar or changed little or extensively?
  2. What is the mentation? Have you checked the 3 D’s — is the elderly delirious, common after hospitalizations, change in medications, etc., is there a change in mood? Any signs of depression, isolation, loneliness? Any new forgetfulness? Are they trying to camouflage or cover up their inability to remember the medications or incident or else? Were they diagnosed with memory issues or cognitively impaired prior to the hospitalization?
  3. What about medications? Is there a change, are new ones added? Ask them, can they take them on their own, witness them doing so, how about directions like … take with meals, don’t crush, etc.
  4. Any changes in sleep patterns, speech patterns, hearing, seeing, basic senses …
  5. Home layout… room to be used, easy access to toilet, bathroom, safety and security in the rooms and around the house
  6. Ancillary services… are they agreeing to some temporary support from a nurse, a physical therapist or someone that can assess and help them recuperate completely, in a dignified manner or help them understand their further needs.
  7. Family, community, religious affiliations… any support, responsibility, finances, physician visits etc.

There are many more that will be explored in the other blogs, so stay tuned.

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