Knowing an Assisted Living Community or Facility or Home

With the many ways a senior can now retire given their personal portfolio of wealth, family support, resources, interests, community, and so much more…it is no wonder that sometimes it can become painful.

The many things that can trigger such are related to underlying health, cognitive capacity, personality, approaches and so on. All assisted living communities are based on certain criteria that they follow and is tailored to what can be provided, shared, or communicated. 

In these increasingly tough times, with how humans interact through instant gratifications, conflicts may arise. There are many ways and what worked in the past may not in the current and the future. 

Here are some ways why knowing an assisted living community can be beneficial to all parties and ways in which to overcome some barriers. These are written from my own use cases and not intended to hurt anyone or any place in particular.

There is always an opportunity to grow, create new and embrace cozy living at it’s best! 

Here they are:

  1. To help understand what each facility provides can be very beneficial
  2. To help understand one’s own needs, haves, wants, etc is very important
  3. Elderly planning must include understanding of the difference in senior living and care
  4. Financial planning is a key factor
  5. Learning what provisions mean? What do they provide? 
  6. Activities are key, so is the variety, physical vs mental
  7. Communications, education, learning opportunities may be some options to consider
  8. Availability of care, caregivers, times, situations.
  9. Health conditions that are considered less risk vs others
  10. Life’s simple pleasures or things that bring pleasure, may differ very widely.
  11. Medication management
  12. Special meals with decline in health
  13. Counseling, healthcare, hospitality for special occasions
  14. Meetings, updates, co ordinations of care
  15. Special needs circumstances and the resources including personal hygiene

There are many more ways in which knowing an assisted living can be helpful in retiring in a place one can call home sweet home.  Health cannot be guaranteed nor its’ course predicted and the changes might be sudden or intermittent or gradual. Caregiving, care will be always as one grows older and senior life is some of the most beautiful part of our lives. 

We would love to see your ideas, comments, help us help others.  We appreciate it very much.

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