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Living in the Moment…mihygge

Mindfulness? Well being for everyone… Living in the moment. As the speaker talked about Living in the present… one evening, as I sat enthralled listening like others in that grand circle, that evening….and the story of a cat as an example…drew me nearer to mindfulness. The elderly group seemed to take in flawlessly, every word, and as they all went around with their experiences of living in the moment…. The room was filled with smiles, claps and stories to share later.

Yes, it is good to do this and that… but how many of us live in that moment, not just alive but be, but experience, savor, inhale, embrace, satisfy ourselves..?

Most seniors live in the moment…. To some, as the memories dwindle, they are bound to those moments forever, to others, it is simply a moment…to …

From meditation to reading, to worship, to fulfilling chores, to working on hobbies or ….seniors embrace living in the moment with style.

A lesson for us to learn, appreciate, with much love, kindness, and devotion.

Here are some ways to live in the moment, or mihygge:

  1. Spend an afternoon leisurely
  2. Read a book as you soak up the sun
  3. Brew a favorite cup of coffee blend and sip in comfort
  4. Breathe and exercise with deep focus and peace
  5. Create an inviting place, declutter and enjoy minimalism
  6. Meetup with friends for an evening of sharing the fun
  7. Walking in a local park
  8. Visiting the town’s weekend market
  9. Taking a trip to see a friend
  10. Simply relaxing with a massage or a me time

The list could go on…There are ways many times during a day, where one can live in the moment…for life’s simple pleasures are really that simple! So have fun creating a list at any age, aging is a pleasure, a new era of living in the moment…or mihygge. We are excited to learn ideas from across the world, so please share, celebrate and empower many, Thank you.

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