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Is Senior Care at Home Right for You?

Most aging humans prefer aging at home…. There are many reasons, some good, some not so. In the company of the right person, right caregiver, senior care can be a boon, add life, energy, boost longevity in a senior’s life and bring in quality of life.

There are home care companies launching all over the world, private home duty, shift duty, short term and various amount of hours per day. The questions one must ask are directly related to the person needing the type of care.

What is senior care at home? Senior care at home is caregivers available for hiring, working with an individual to provide care for the senior/s in the home, family, and community.

Is it right for you? Read below the reasons:

1. Do you like privacy or an individual who wants to be independent?
2. Are you willing and open to have another person live with you, care for you for a few hours per day, or appreciate sharing your space with another person
3. Does your finances in good health? Can you afford these caregivers, as the costs may be x times higher than moving to a senior living?
4. What are your plans for your future? Are you independent or dependent on or even a caretaker of a spouse, partner, family member or friend?
5. Have you tried caregiving or senior care at home before? Yourself? Or heard from others?
6. Have you exhausted all community, county, state available support services for seniors?
7. Do you like silence or a busy home? Surrounding, place? Are you sensitive to noise?
8. Are you afraid of losing your independence and your chores taken over by someone else?
9. Do you have multiple comorbid diagnosis and have you discussed the course of those medical problems, diseases, issues?
10. Are you concerned about losing friends, people who know and visit you, play for ex bridge with you or cook together with you on events?
11. Are you able to do your chores as you used to before, about a few years ago?
12. Have you been aware of your health’s decline? Have you thought of what would happen if you were all alone? Needed care?

With the aging population on the rise, understanding senior care at home early on will avoid circumstances that could be avoided. More common concerns are culture, heritage, in living, cooking, enjoying and thriving.

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