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Senior living, senior health, senior care, Geriatric care, Aging, Healthy aging…

Owning, renting or sharing a property…

Conditions, health, needs, wants, haves, future…

There is never the right or wrong time to start conversations

Below are some of the things I found helped my senior patients, their families, caregivers in the past…

  1. Personal details? Health care assessment details? Comorbidities?
  2. Financial / economics of aging? Savings, retirement, loans, gifts…
  3. City/ town, average retirement cost, plans for future- move or stay?
  4. Advance directives, senior’s end of life choices, care..?
  5. Strength / support of family, neighborhood, community?
  6. Personal interests, life, values, vision, goals, purpose?
  7. Understanding mental health, cognitive health..?
  8. What to expect 1, 5, 10 or 25 years from today?
  9. Downsizing plans, storing, selling, moving, sharing, renting, buying? Plans?
  10. Life’s simple pleasures? Aging gracefully, spiritual needs, social, psychological …?

Planning is not simple, most people put them away, and doing a little regularly will be beneficial for everyone. Plans can change and revisiting set goals with each setback or change in the trajectory of life can help substantially. Things are different in each country…we would love to hear your ideas, please feel free to send us some great ideas and the country…as this is all about world community building.

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