Stopping to Savor the Flowers, the Journey of Mihygge Through Flowers

Have you ever wondered why we gift flowers, we buy flowers, we grow flowers, we make floral designs? 

The story of flowers goes back to ancient times… in every country, town, home, flowers have played an intense ancestral role! Flowers have a meaning, a purpose, a value, a voice, a way to our emotions…

The fragrance of flowers, the colors, the varieties, the sizes, the intricacies… have taken over us … they are our mihygge for a reason, for every season.

Sharing ways in how we can empower ourselves through the world of flowers! 

In no specific order: 

  1. Sow flower seeds in a window sill, or root cuttings … choices from sweet alyssum, geraniums,  zinnias, fuschias, nasturtiums
  2. Plant multilayered bulbs by the front door or in the patio or garden to spring freshness year after year… plant annual marigolds, container sunflowers for the summer when the spring show is over.
  3. Make a floral design with real garden flowers for Easter or birthdays and sneak in a secret message… for the recipient! 
  4. Plant an air plant in a mason jar and hang it up or place near the window and watch as it grows and surprises with new plants to share. 
  5. Walk the neighborhood and marvel at the floral mix in our towns, cities, villages. 
  6. Try bee or butterfly or hummingbird counting next time you are admiring a bottle brush shrub, salvia, penstemon, or any perennial!
  7. Plan for a pollinator garden at your senior living and care, be delighted while saving our world.
  8. Replant those Christmas lilies, amaryllis, or cacti in a pot and see it grow and flower.. sharing them with someone who can plant in their gardens is also another amazing way. 
  9. Instead of tossing floral bouquets in dustbins, collect those dried flowers/ seed heads and sow them in your gardens or patios.. a way to embrace and empower one’s talent through responsibility
  10. Grow edible flowers and use them to garnish your dessert, salad, or soup. You can even dry them for a potpourri! 

Hope you liked these, I am sure you have your own secret recipes, ideas you want to share… please do as mihygge through flowers is a beautiful way to celebrate aging through flowers!

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