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What About When Married Couples Don’t Both Need Senior Living Services?

Life expectancy continues to increase around the world and people are now living longer than before. There are also more senior couples across the world than ever before. When it comes to receiving in home healthcare or moving to a senior living facility, it’s fairly straight forward for singles. However, it becomes more complicated when only one partner in a couple needs senior living services.

You Have Options

There are more options today than ever before for this situation. Instead of one possible answer to this question, you now have many. The degree of care needed and the gap in needs between partners will have influence on what’s best for you.

In-Home Care

In-home care can be quite easy to cater to a couple with differing needs, or where only one partner needs care. A professional caretaker can help with activities of daily living, or perform nursing tasks. This scenario can be great for couples where no one needs ongoing medical supervision.

A Shared Apartment in a Senior Living Community

Moving together into a senior living community gets needs met for the partner needing caretaking services. It also sets both partners up with the knowledge that the resources to meet increasing needs are already in place where they are. If in the future both partners need care, or needs change, they will likely be able to remain in place and adapt.

Move to a Senior Living Community Campus

There can be many reasons that a couple may choose to move together to a senior living community, but not share an apartment. One may just want to be present in the community. The other may need caretaking services, assisted living, nursing services, memory and dementia care, or even hospice care. Each partner can live under the level of care they need, surrounded by others with similar needs, and still spend their days together in the senior community. This can be especially helpful when one partner needs highly specialized care that is hard to provide in-home.

Originally published at https://healthaiminc.com on April 16, 2019.

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