April, until next Year!

April was abundant in every way! Here is a way to make it even more  An activity that will bring smiles to our pollinators and our elderly at home or senior living, something they will be proud of as environmental stewards. April 22 is World Earth Day and here is our take on that special day.

  1. You will need a small wooden box or cardboard box, water proof paint, any color, glue, some bee stickers, small bamboo sticks ( all available at craft supply stores).
  2. Paint the box with any color of choice, let it dry, it is best to apply two coats.
  3. Once dried, glue the bamboo sticks together with glue and stack them one on top until the entire box is filled, leave it to dry.
  4. Paste some bee stickers on the box, making sure the box can either be hung on a tree, nailed to a tree or simply placed in a corner of the garden nestled in the shade of the tree branches. In a few weeks mason bees will make their homes, they will pollinate the gardens and create new life! It is really fun to watch these docile bees, another wonderful idea is to name the boxes with the senior’s initials and watch them feel pride and joy this Earth Day!
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