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When Loneliness Strikes?

Is there such a thing as loneliness? Or it a myth? Or even a mystery? What are we truly meaning by the word loneliness and why is it important now and not before?

Too many questions and too little answers. Yet, even so, they are confusing, and the opinions are many, some based on facts, experiences, tryouts and historical.

Loneliness: the definition in the dictionary “sadness because one has no friends or company”, friendlessness, rejection? Abandonment?

In reality, loneliness is a spectrum! One can have friends but still feel lonely? Why? How?

One can be very social, yet feel rejected? Abandoned? Why? How?
To understand is to understand human personalities, not all are same and not all are dissimilar, we have many commonalities as human beings but the structures, foundations, experiences, curiosity, creativity, values, purpose…… are all different.

The answer is not all are going to respond to same stimuli or solutions, so what do we do if we find a senior lonely? Or what should we do?

Here are a few examples of some queries that might shape the solutions to loneliness …
1. Who is in the inner circle of the person? Who knows them intimately?
2. What are their likes and dislikes?
3. What are their vision for their ageing?
4. Where do they live? Has anyone spoken, asked them to know them?
5. What are their beliefs and value and purpose?
6. Who cares for them?
7. Has anyone extended support before?
8. Has loneliness affected social, cultural, spiritual, personal life?
9. Has mental health been excluded?
10. Are they truly alone or alone having no needs met despite…are they dissatisfied?

Activities to promote socialization and prevent loneliness is a huge social, economic, philosophical, emotional responsibility of humans, communities, countries and the world.

At the pinnacle of the 21st century bracing towards its’ silver jubilee of the decade …we have more questions than answers.

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