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A Senior and Older Adult Children Caretakers?

Caregiving is a very difficult role to fulfil, as it affects the caregiver and the senior in many ways.

Caregivers are not all young adults, many are our neighbors, elderly or middle aged, children of seniors, family members of seniors, or friends.

Caregivers are caretakers… Their jobs vary, their hours vary and their situations in which they work vary.

Senior caregiver or caretaker of another senior caregiver is not uncommon, but is it enough, is it safe, is it worth the effort, is it working?

Having helped senior couples for decades, caring for each other or one taking over the care of another, or seniors helped by adult children caretakers, here are some pointers:

1. What is the condition? How sick is the person? How disabled is the person receiving care?
2. How much time is being spent on this, is this an issue of financial resources or else?
3. How long have they been doing? Have they needed resources to cope with caregiving crisis,
needs, and effects?
4. Have the resources been exhausted? Is there any way of getting a third party help from an
outside caregiver?
5. What is in place, in case the caretaker falls sick, becomes disabled or dies?
6. When is the right time to discuss calamities or emergencies? Has any discussion started on
caring issues if the receiver declines or needs more intense caregiving or even professional
caregiving services?
7. Have they had a trial of respite? Did it work? What were the thoughts in case this might be a
better option in the long term?
Adult children caretakers face similar and also other issues as well…
1. Do they have a part time, full time job besides caregiving?
2. What are the safety precautions, security in place when they are unavailable or what are the
risks of leaving the senior alone to fend for themselves?
3. Have they discussed other options in case of sudden decline, inability to care…?
4. Who is the decision maker, what is the relationship like?
5. How is the financial health? Has a cost benefit analysis been done?
6. Is the adult children caretaker capable of medication management, basic ADL management?
7. Is the caretaker healthy enough themselves mentally and physically to cope with caregiving? Can they provide the emotional support expected of them to the senior?

This is an incomplete list, we will explore further in our mihygge journey… we appreciate new insights, ideas which may help other people like you.

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