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How Hospitalizations Can Be Prevented?

Why is health economics a game changer? And for whom? And why? For what? Emergency room visits, hospital stays, post hospitalization admissions are all tangents of the same circle where “Healthy Ageing” rests.

Yes, data on age groups, body conditions, and sex is important, here is a list of what a senior or carer of a senior can look for ….

1. What is the declining rate of the senior?
2. What are the medications they take? Are they necessary?
3. What are their Activities of daily living/ Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (described in
another blog), as assessed and compared quarterly or even twice yearly?
4. How many physicians, Doctors, health care professionals does a senior visit and ask for help?
5. When did they last visit? And what was the visit summary?
6. What supplements other than prescribed medications are taken regularly? Are they necessary
and helping the senior?
7. How deconditioned or conditioned is the senior? What is the physical activity level?
8. Have the weight been fluctuating or steady or declining? What is the body mass index? What is
the muscle tone?
9. What is the personality? What is their mental capacity? Their mental health?
10. Do they have access to or have accessed supportive services?
11. What type of hospitalizations make up their personal history?
12. What is a seniors’ end of life care choices? Or have they made any decisions?

This list is a beginner…hope it helped start a conversation, or a need to change a policy… we would love to hear how it helped you…please stay tuned for more our upcoming blogs on specific topics.

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