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Health is Wealth & Losing Health and Money in Senior Care

Health is indeed wealth! Without health, there is no wealth and vice versa. For long, families of seniors and seniors shared with me the burdens of financial decline, associated with senior care.

Yes, senior care is not free, and can be a breaker if planned late or not in the right time.

Here are some thoughts, ideas that might be helpful:

  1. Keeping a file with basic info, identity, physician visits, medication lists, specialists’ names, hospitals, insurance details…
  2. Planning or completing an advance directive… May be named differently in countries
  3. Keeping a list of past medical history, important events, and separate file or as an addition to the above.
  4. A list of family, support, neighbors or community members.
  5. Goals of aging, visions and thoughts on what to expect or what should be done?
  6. Financial portfolio, how long it can serve, what kind of care may need what kind of monetary budget, in other words proactive budgeting for the worst case scenario
  7. Getting a second opinion if not satisfied with the answers, prognosis, more applicable for seniors with chronic illness, disease or sudden decline in health.
  8. Ongoing goal revision as necessary with aging… Incorporating ideas that may work, seeking counseling, services who help seniors plan from recovery to rehabilitation to reinventing daily routines.
  9. Is it an issue of mental cognition or issue? Many times people with difficulty in understanding or remembering have a hard time, due to the above and family being aware of such can be a blessing.
  10. Senior health care is changing, cost burdens are changing and so right advice plays a very big part, for wrong moves can lead to loss of health, wealth, life.

Providing strength, encouraging and empowering seniors is more helpful in helping ease decision making, all said, this is not as straight. There are rules and regulations in every town in this world. But are they geared to serve our senior population? That call must be taken by someone, and is it you? If you want share some thoughts on health education, health advocacy for seniors, we heartily welcome those.

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