Ways to enjoy senior living in the 21st century! 

Senior living is coming of age, we believe senior living can help our elderly, their families in many ways. As humans live longer and healthier, their choices, lifestyles are also changing. As nuclear families increase, seniors are looking towards senior living to meet their needs. Some seniors feel isolated even if they live with working children and prefer being with folks of their age. Social structures are changing and our aged are voicing their opinions and interests more and more. And they do have the right to do so. Gone are the days when retirement was seen as past prime, now fifty is the new twenty and so on. This century will see major changes in Geriatric care delivery and humanity is ready for it.
Our elderly have so much to share, give, receive and enjoy senior living! While home will always be home because of the emotions attached to it, home is transient as home can be anywhere, anytime. Healthy Aging in any place is possible and should be encouraged.
In this context we also come across situations where our elderly are exploited for the sake of finances and prevented from living life’s simple pleasures. Such practices must be discouraged and reported.
With so many choices in senior living these days, here are ways to enjoy senior living in the 21st century, in random order:
Do homework, know about their strong points and the differences first.
Find a place that suits the elderly’s needs rather than family’s
Choose wisely, determine what matters most for the older adult.
Think of the possibilities rather than the cons of living there.
Find common ground to enjoy like happy hour, piano recital, paint night and so on
Make sure your senior’s voice is heard, as great ideas can come anywhere.
Plan ahead in time, with financial planning through an advisor, so your senior can enjoy the stay rather than worry about being discharged.
Create group of like minded interests so one can benefit much through these interactions
Participate in outings, gatherings, events etc
Live life as if it is your home sweet home.
Keep your pet bird or animal if the senior living allows, take them for walks.
Appreciate the in house pet, that most senior living have, they bring such joy and release stress.
Go for a stroll or walk the gardens and stop to smell the roses.
Pamper yourself at the spa and salon.
Place your favorite order from the changing menu, it’s ok and you deserve it!
As I write these, I can only recollect the wonderful opportunities that senior living provide to our elderly in our communities. There is no place for isolation, boredom, where there are social interactions. It does take time to adjust which we discussed in our previous blogs, but everything has something to offer in this world. An open mindset can help us embrace mihygge. We know there are many more great reasons out there, that we and other seniors and their families would love to learn, thank you all for reading our blogs and until next time, we wish you all mihygge in your senior living !

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