How siblings can manage their elderly’s care at a senior living

Management of Elderly or Geriatric care is done worldwide not only by hired caregivers or in senior living but also simultaneously by the elderly’s family, friends sometimes or even neighbors, partners, community. Having seen all the above in the past, there is no right or wrong as everyone has a unique thought process and perspective on caring. Culture does play a major role in this. When we allow culture to fit in our senior living, we are allowing humanity to thrive and be well forever. The care the senior’s family provides aside from what they get at senior living is sometimes different, similar, or even complimentary. In other words, some families do like to be more hands-on if they live nearby and some like to be there for companionship and family-ship rather than spending time on routine things.
Most of all, all scenarios lead to satisfaction, happiness, the joy of being with family for the senior or for caring by the family and others. To what extent the help is needed or wanted by the elderly is dependent on many factors, underlying conditions, finances, distance from the above, and many more.
Management can be a challenge when parties do not agree, but when they do, it is such a blessing and joy.
Here are some ways for siblings to manage an elderly’s care at a senior living:
Make a plan when the elderly moves in and where and so on… all details need to be clear and precise.
Plan ahead for the above, not days but months are preferable but anything that works is also alright.
Caregiving is not simple, hence keeping an open mind about it is essential to avoid conflicts.
Work on things that matter, like taking mother out to dinner or lunch versus thinking and worrying about laundry, etc.
It is better to follow a routine about how each sibling would contribute and then reverse role-play to prevent caregiver crisis and improve relationships and communication.
Families do play an important role so caring for oneself is important as siblings are either older or younger themselves. Caregiver burnout is common in elderly siblings as well.
Using time productively, like enjoying common things is more important than worrying about subtle things like meals or medication administration.
For end-of-life care situations, siblings play an important role, and everyone is of importance in the management, so acknowledging that can be helpful.
Make routine tasks fun, use the power of humor to communicate, complete tasks.
Bring mihygge to the elderly, use mihygge concept to bring harmony and help our elderly enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Too much family drama ends up hurting the elderly, so self-care is critical to provide excellent care to others. Inner peace brings outer joys. While we take caregiving as granted or luxury or something else, we should know that the styles of caregiving vary, a little patience, tolerance can go a long way. No one is right or wrong in caregiving and siblings do matter in the care of the elderly. To harness the power of gratitude of caring for a sibling, one must understand the value and purpose behind it. We are open to hearing your views, we thank you for reading this blog, until next time, we wish safe and happy caregiving to all siblings out there in the world, caring at home or in senior living through mihygge.

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