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To Receive the Best Senior Care, One Must? For Their Aging Family Member?

What does one mean by best senior care? Most of the companies provide similar senior care, however their hourly rates, may differ, or their specialty may be a thing or two. In senior living, it is the same, the smaller facilities are more homelike, offer a more personalized care and may specialize in something vs a larger facility which has access to more resources, and may or may not translate to the ratio of caregivers to the senior. The pricing can vary depending on needs, availabilities…

So what should one do to help their senior receive the best care…

Now that you have moved them to a senior care facility or home, or have those sharing their home with someone?

  1. Keep advance directives, contact information easily accessible to the senior or the senior living or caregiver
  2. Make them aware that things could be worked out, and that it takes time, patience and understanding… decision made less than a month to move out are sometimes hasty decisions and may not solve the issues
  3. Have a routine for chores, care etc., to make it a smooth transition for both parties
  4. Take time to introduce each other and sit for a meetup over coffee/ tea in or without the presence of the family
  5. Work on simple things first, get them right, then go to complex things
  6. One can hear out third party opinions but remember the final decision making is not theirs
  7. Approach this change in a senior’s life with lots of sensitivity, for most times the solutions lie in the approach and not after
  8. Create an inviting atmosphere for all
  9. Bring in the blend of old and the new with time, and not be forced upon
  10. Believe in the power of communication, compassion and listening

These above little gems were based on my personal experiences. Opinions vary and we are open to new learning and sharing… so please send us your comments, and help healthy aging globally. 

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