The Spirit of Our Journeys in Aging Lies in Accepting Destiny in Many Ways

What did the baby dream of? What did the child? The teen? The adult? The elderly? 

Was the dream a cause of happiness, sadness, neutral life? 

Healthy aging begins when we look at each greying hair as a joy, for each joy has a destiny of it’s own.

Too often we become disheartened, upset and crave for things that may not be of any source of joy for our souls.

The world of Aging and geriatrics definitely can help us introspect, understand, in depth on our spirit of our journeys… why ? for no two journeys are alike! 

Healthy aging is comprised of the outer, inner and the medium.

Here are ways to enrich our spirit of our journeys in aging.

  1. Be an ever learner
  2. Hope is not all lost or found at one time , place and body, so a healthy spirit is always an open spirit 
  3. Destiny of Aging is marked by surprises like the garden of buds to flowers
  4.  The physical misfortunes have the brunt of a lifetime and cannot be returned to past glory
  5. Working within oneself than without is key to enjoying every screen of aging
  6. What we feed our soul  feeds our experience 
  7. Youth is a momentum but healthy aging is a circle of life
  8. Carving out times to look at grateful aging is key in a daily routine
  9. The wonders of sharing this joy of healthy aging is the enhancer of healthy aging
  10.  Appreciating the time that has passed can strengthen the person’s reflection of the future of aging..

With that said, there is so much to say and share and grow and live.

What do you all think? We would love to know here at mihygge… the spirit of our journeys in aging is in reality not just accepting the destiny , rather in sharing our spirits, souls, hearts and mind.

We look forward to many more conversations and Sayonara, Adieus, Merci, Namaste, Goodbye, and Thank you!

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