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The List that Keeps Growing… Why a Box Does Not Answer All Elderly Questions?

A human being cannot be either put in a box, classified as a box or even assessed as a box? Why …

In senior care and senior living, social wellbeing is as critical as mental or physiological or even financial wellbeing.

Seniors health is dependable on many factors and aging is not defined by the age in years… because aging is variable, depending on circumstances.

Hence, if a box would answer everything, then we would not have the spectrum we see in aging.

Senior needs include more than ADL (activities of daily living) and IADL (instrumental activities of daily living).

Many a times, assessing a senior in a slot of few minutes in practice does not give us any more than we would have just looking at the history… and why not? For history of a senior is the past, present and the future…

What things to know about aging?

  1. It’s not a number like 65
  2. Aging is related to stress, sadness, chemicals, pollution, mentation, socialization…
  3. It includes the past, present and future of a person
  4. Needs are changeable and can consequently swing back and forth as a pendulum of a clock
  5. Aging cannot be treated by medications, is untreatable for now
  6. It’s a part of family growth, not just individual growth
  7. Aging is irreversible
  8. It’s largely undefined, which means aged have freedom of choice and opportunities as younger populations do
  9. Aging is a human being’s journey that is unavoidable…
  10. Aging is an extension of one’s self, a growth…

Globally, aging has different means and aged laws, rules and regulations are sometimes no longer applicable… and need changes, new policies written, and needed in almost all countries… if you are an advocate for aging change, we would certainly love to read your comments, please share and inspire all. 

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