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How to Tell Your Parents it’s Time to Find Some Help?

Over the decades, a common scenario playing over and over again…. The questions the same, the solutions not the same?? Or are they?
Parents are losing things?
Parents are not eating well?
Parents’ refrigerator is empty?
Parents are not socializing like before?
Parents don’t participate in activities like they did?
Parents gait is not that good anymore?
Parents’ home is unclean, unkempt and unmanaged?
And many more…………
Before taking the hasty decision, a pause, a few minutes of brainstorming helps…
Why, sometimes our perception of things is not the same as for a senior.
Their tastes, values, interests change as they grow older…don’t we all?
Compassion matters, even more a cool being who is empathetic, kind, understanding and respecting.
Patience is a virtue…

So here without further ….
1. Find a suitable time, day, place and reason
2. Don’t bring up the past, be in the present, think of the future
3. Take moments of time out to let things sink in
4. Hear both sides of the talking
5. Don’t bring in examples of their friends, or relatives or communities
6. Remember to take notes in mind and not in paper, undue attention to listening is more
7. Make the meeting pleasant, with some fun times, jokes and lighthearted talk
8. Visit the topic again, keep notes after, think, do research
9. Follow the simple rule of win-win for all
10. Keep an open mind, for the seniors are the ones to live and not you
11. Choices are important, money is too.
12. Efficiency is even more important, so is healthy ageing and thriving.

There are no set of domino rules, transparency, trust building, accountability and clarity are a must…
Hope this blog shed a light on some valuable elderly living, please feel free to post your thoughts.

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