Pleasures of mihygge in rural senior living!

A walk through the woods or a drive through a country lane… memories remain memories. For many seniors, life was not in the cities or towns but in the beautiful countryside. For many, their childhood memories include running down a stream, fishing, watching the meandering rolling landscapes, grazing cows or even milking them, collecting eggs from hens, and even coming home to some appetizing cookies and milk. Fresh fruit from a tree or a chard leaf from a garden to the heavenly ripe tomato off a vine is a peek into the nostalgic lane. 

Recollecting many of the elderly I served previously to my own family, freshness was the way of life. Farm to fork was the routine of life. Work, play, storytelling, and sleep were all interrelated, and sitting watching the sunset across the horizon was a routine of daily living. 

For those elderly, moving into a senior living means they are looking for experiences that they connect with or even relive. For others, it is something they have always wanted to experience retiring in the beautiful country. 

When we talk about the pleasures of mihygge in rural senior living, we cannot stop thinking of the possibilities. 

Here are a few of them in no special order: 

  1. Fresh air, sunshine, wind, rain… the feeling of rejuvenation through simple appreciation of life. 
  2. Easy recipes to savor amidst a carefree ambiance.
  3. A sight to behold through any window or door.. with the infinite possibilities. 
  4. Happiness through simple living and soulful thinking. 
  5. Friendships to make, stories to tell, share, listen or even recollect. 
  6. The cozy hearth, the fun times… real or photos, but there is so much more around a fireplace.
  7. A visit to a farmers market to check out the flavors, colors so vibrant. 
  8. Sights and sounds of farm life, living, farm animals. 
  9. Old fashioned hospitality complete with cookouts, crafts, arts, fairs. 
  10. A coziness like none other…traditions, classics, finesse, antiques & the happiness quotient. 

What makes one happy is what makes others want that for themselves. Sometimes as we say country living or lifestyle can be contagious. While many city dwellers who grew up in cities would like to spend their new life after retirement amongst the trendy, new, noteworthy, there is nothing or no one or idea that is right or wrong. To each, their connection with cozy living is unique, holy, and sacred. 

While we described a few of the pleasures, there are hundreds more out there. Many have switched gears and no age is right or wrong. What matters most here is does this environment makes it wonderful or unacceptable for seniors. 

We would love to hear our readers’ opinions, as always thank you for liking and following our blogs. 

While we are still learning as we build the concept of mihygge, cozy living is life’s simplest pleasure. So here’s wishing you mihygge from all of us, if you like rural retirement living, check out more on such in our upcoming seasons, and the farm to fork recipes we share under our mihygge section on our website. Thank you all for inspiring us, appreciate much.        

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