How photographic memories can bring new meaning to cozy living for the elderly?

The photos were propped up on the table, hung on the walls, stapled to a wall cabinet, and remained in the memories …. All too familiar, this is our story, our philosophy, our life. 

Photography was the invention that shook the world, black and white or colored, it brought memories to be revisited, held in the comfort of a hand, caressed by fingers, or even putting pieces of a story together. It proved to be mighty, more than our elderly or their elderly could see the effect it has even today. Now with the digital art world we live in, a great photograph is richer by most measures, and simply cannot be reframed. 

However some of our elderly have amazing photographic memories, they need no painting, no photo, no video, no audio… it is part of their souls, mind, heart, and essence of their holistic being. What purpose does it serve then? If the photographic memory was chained within the brains of inquisitively…

Photographic memory external or internal can bring new meaning to cozy living for the elderly, in many ways… 

Here are some of them, there are many more and these are not in any special order:

  1. Black or white, photographs are living stories! 
  2. Use photos to touch, feel, hold, remember…Have watched photos bring special meaning at end of life or during the final moments of life to our elderly. For example, in one instance, an elderly lady held and caressed the photos though she was unable to speak…till she breathed her last…
  3. Create photo booths in the room, periodically take some fun pictures with self or family or caregivers, friends…
  4. Have black and white blowups to grace the room, adds ambiance, simplicity and conjures up great childhood memories… plus it is in style always. 
  5. Printed paper Photos can be cut into tiny shapes and used for decoupage, create puzzles, cards, art décor, and even origami! 
  6. Using photographs to build timelines as themes for birthdays, special events, wedding anniversaries is great for mental health, memories, sharing, and caring… 
  7.  Writing short stories, poetry based on certain photos, or even singing songs relating to those can be great fun at gatherings, happiness counts in every way. 
  8. If no photos available, there are tools to print photos in 3D these days to brighten up a room always. 
  9. Using a camera, learning to use the features, and having fun, are great for dexterity but if there are physical issues, then one can do so with a touch of a button as well now. 
  10. Instead of having photos collect dust, giving away photos as gifts to family, grandchildren will be a lasting lifetime of love, joys, love. 

While we all believe in real-life current experiences, photographic memories do still have a place of their own. As we say, our past, present, and future are stories that need to be told, heard with dignity, respect, care, and love. Even in this digital age, there is a place for photography, this art form will live forever, and with it will our quest for cozy living or mihygge through photography. We would love to hear your say, your comments, and thanks for following, liking, and sharing our blogs…Appreciate. 

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