How senior living and care communities can create mental health and wellbeing (mihygge) for the towns and cities they serve?

Geriatric Mental health is key to bringing mental awareness and happiness to the entire population. Mental well-being is a core function of our living, sharing, caring, being. Without our own mental wellbeing, we will not be able to care for others with the same love and passion. We can create mental well-being wherever we are, whenever and in any way. When we start with ourselves, we are starting a momentum, a ray that will eventually take over all Geriatric care, whether it be at home or in senior living and care. Health is wealth and Geriatric mental health is mihygge. Happiness and joys are part of a thriving and thriving is what our towns, cities must aim for! 

Even a small change like Geriatric hours in a supermarket or medical clinic or park or zoo can be part of mihygge. During the pandemic, we saw special hours for the elderly, people volunteering to serve the elderly with food and personal supplies, donating to elderly causes, and so on. These simple gestures brought mihygge to the towns and cities we live in, irrespective of culture, age, or race. I have seen many senior living and care communities do wonders for our elderly. 

Here are some ways where senior living and care communities can create mental health and wellbeing or bring mihygge for the towns and cities they serve, in random order: 

  1. Understanding the importance of the immense abilities and importance of senior living and cares is essential to helping build cities and towns further. 
  2. Addressing the needs of the town or city by having a senior living and care representative in council meetings. 
  3. Participating in events run by city to showcase senior and caregiver talent & more. 
  4. Encourage schools and colleges to participate and be involved with senior living and cares 
  5. Help our elderly with safe mihygge living so they can enjoy life’s simple pleasures and increase the happiness quotient of our living spaces. 
  6. Create communication channels to talk about elderly needs and Geriatric care early on, empowering our younger generations the benefits of serving and caring for our elderly. 
  7. Bring new job opportunities to the local communities, cities, towns, senior living and cares serve. 
  8. Build unity among diversity by educating all elderly irrespective of race or age or culture and be open to appreciating and incorporating such in senior living and cares in our towns and cities. 
  9. Appreciate the need for further research -oriented growth as our Geriatric population grows globally. 
  10. Find a sense of value and purpose through all the above so mental well being and mihygge can be made one of life’s simple pleasures for all ages that serve elderly including our elderly. 

These small changes, however, small can create a ripple effect. That ripple effect can change the course of the world of Geriatric care and education. Our senior living and cares are at the center of a changing world of Geriatric caregiving and they have the ability to harness this enormous potential to pave the path of mihygge for the towns and cities that they serve. This is a herculean task but it makes me excited to see all that is to come. Thank you for reading our blogs, we love to write as an open interaction and inspire and be inspired every day. Until next time, we wish mihygge to our seniors and to the senior living and care communities and the cities and towns we are residents of!   

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