Connecting generations even in Senior Living

Senior Living and Care can be a hub for connecting generations. While this may sound unfamiliar, it is already a part of many around the world. A generational gap exists in our societies and is now more rampant due to the advancement of technology. Many youngsters and millennials do not even think or have a clue of what they would do their own aging or financial security when their time comes for such needs. Ringing in a new era or future will include empowerment through literacy, education, enlightenment, and acceptive intelligence. We are breaking the grounds for a whole new world where connected generations can create mass mihygge for all. 

It is always easier said than done. Having encountered grandchildren caring for their grandparents who have outlived their own parents’ there is another generational gap between these youngsters themselves, some who have matured early due to parental loss and some who could care less. Such awkwardness in people is not liberating but instead confining as solutions are hard to come by in closed spaces. Hence closing the generational gap in every way is the key to bringing mihygge to everyone.   

Without further delay, we would like to share some ways generations can be connected, in random order: 

  1. Include generations in family gatherings, events, celebrations, instead of just the children and siblings.
  2. Create a day or days every month to have a meetup day for elderly to meet youngsters and vice versa. 
  3. Invite grandchildren to visit with their grandparents and see what it is like to be older, what care do they need? How care is given? How choices are made etc 
  4. Make Healthy aging a part of school curriculum, introduce it as part of self care and redesign the thinking processes in our societies. If done, then senior living will be an extension of that educational empowerment. 
  5. Maybe a collection of recipes or stories by young and older can be part of a senior living fundraiser! 
  6. Including children to come visit a senior living and be read to by a senior can help alleviate 

reading anxieties, dyslexia perhaps? Or even give children newfound strength and courage to do things outside of their capabilities. 

  1. Experiences do count, storytelling by seniors to a group of voracious listeners ( children ) can be fantasy, fun and fundamental to their growth and development. 
  2. Health is wealth, having health fairs at senior living community can bridge generational gaps and create curiosity and instill an interest in the world of healthcare as a career too. 
  3. Mutually beneficial projects , like working together with children and seniors to cook, bake or even decorate a Christmas tree together can bring such joy to all. 
  4. Continual improvement, feedback and including skill building is important for a great relationship. 

While we could write on and on, we would love to hear your take on this. Many of us have had the pleasure of working on some projects this way while others might be pondering on getting started. Wherever we are in the journey, it is best to always be learning, connecting, researching, and growing! This is a very powerful time of change and excited to see where we can take this… the ideas are everywhere, we would love to hear yours, thank you for reading our blogs, and hope we could inspire you as much as we were inspired to write this. Until next time, wish our elderly and families, a wonderful connected mihygge experience in your senior living!

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