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Gardening and Health!

The gardens of Eden or patio/balcony gardens of my grandma. The hanging gardens or the raised terrace gardens, people of all ages, times, societies, occupations, professions, or businesses have enjoyed a garden one time or more. Gardens bring pleasures to a world that is unknown, changeable,
moving, challenged by nature, at the mercy of the universe and climate change…

My earliest impressions of gardening were while watching my parents and grandparents garden, growing up in India, then living in Africa, traveling as a teenager, and then in the USA and traveling again…

Health cannot be measured only by genetic predisposition, situation, race, age, and many others. Health has been shown by ages to benefit from nature. In fact, most medieval times used natural treatments, and people still do so today, not only in indigenous but the modern world also.

Health was known to be gotten by recuperating amidst nature, eating healthy, eating fresh, living simply, all-natural!

Over the years of my personal and professional life, having conversations with seniors made me realize how intricate part of their lives was related to gardening, gardens, nature, and the outdoors. The elderly were proud to share their gardening skills… from growing radishes, to window planting to fruit orchards in their acreage to the country life many left behind when they married and moved to cities as they looked for jobs.

Gardening is making a comeback… Here are few things to restart a passion for gardening

1. Consider going simple and small
2. Try flowers for display, views, and fragrance
3. Have a system to water … like drip or can or hose handy
4. Take a walk in the nursery or garden center
5. Botanical tours
6. Gardening, flower, or produce societies
7. Social media follows: Facebook, Instagram
8. Friendship garden walks with friends
9. Travel to natural surroundings, parks
10. Sharing experiences with family, friends, grandchildren

There is always more to gardening, learning, and life’s simple pleasures. If this blog resonates with you, please share and give us your input, as we benefit the world.

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