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A Walk Amidst Nature- Recipe for Freshness

Walking in, with, nature, is peaceful and blissful. The sights, sounds, wisdom, feelings of joy, happiness …

Needing to find the inner peace, be more creative, looking for exercise and healthy ways, nature is a provider of many good things. Nature is a recipe for freshness, in every way.

How does one then… embrace this? As the world goes more… uniquely forward in technology, the absolute thrills of real nature are different than one created by man? Virtual reality can take you to places but should not be the only alternative for every senior as they gracefully age.

Ways to bring nature back into living space, the designs, the ambience, the beauty… is of immense worth…

Some recipes for freshness inside and outside one’s living home:

  1. Floral design with fresh flowers and greens
  2. Edible fresh fruits
  3. Pots with potted plants on patio, balcony, seasonal or perennial or hardy
  4. Indoor plants
  5. Open bright windows to access greenery, nature
  6. Sitting outside in patio, garden, or an outside / garden party
  7. Bird feeders, watching birds,
  8. Harvesting food from raised beds
  9. The five senses, touch, seeing, smelling, hearing nature
  10. Virtual reality visits for elderly that cannot due to certain circumstances

Walker, wheelchair, dependent or independent, all elderly must have access to nature, a recipe for successful healthy aging.

We would love to hear from you, and look forward to other ways in which we could help more aging citizens of the earth and nature.

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