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Art as Grandparent’s Day

What is art? Art is an extension of one’s self-belief, love, imagination & history! 

Yesterday was Grandparents Day! 

Every one of us has a past, present, and future.

Some short, some average, and some very long.

Every Grandparents Day is a work of art, a work of mystery, and a work of inspiration.

A grandparent is a bountiful glory of love, kindness, happiness, joy, cozy living, and life’s simple pleasures! It is the world of God’s art. 

Here are ways to celebrate the day, every day, in all it’s fancy fun and glory as an art.

  1. Take your grandmother to an outing 
  2. Open old dusty photo albums and find them and revel in its wonderful memory
  3. Spend time recreating their favorite recipe 
  4. Dress the table with their favorite floral design in season
  5. Carve out special time to bond with nothing 
  6. Listen to old music and dance the evening away
  7. Gift a heartfelt hug, kiss, and sweet talk
  8. Embrace their fears, sacrifices with newfound meaning
  9. Continue the day in gratitude and awe 
  10. Plan for the next years’, celebrate the past, and dream of the future, remembering that grandparent’s past, current, or future will always be there for us as shining armors!

This grandparents’ day has gone by, but just thinking of all the good times, visiting with them, walking in the garden, town, chatting with them, shopping for clothes, or waiting to savor some of our favorite desserts with them are just a few …

We would love to know how you celebrated yours? if you did not, no worries, for this special day will come again…. and let’s make every day a gratitude-filled memorable one for us, others, and for the world! Let’s make this day a day of art for infinity.

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