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When to Know to Seek Help?

How many times has anyone heard? “You need help” and no matter the age!

It is isn’t that simple for elderly, aging population who were mostly brought up in a depression or post era. For them the gratitude of having something vs craving was different. They learned how to suppress, live within means, be most creative and engage in saving anything and everything or using something and reusing it multiple times.

That is exactly what I liked about seniors… do till you drop?? Or is it??

Seeing help, support systems or services, humans, needs more than just a handshake. There is indeed deep psychological needs that need to be fulfilled.

So what are the signs, when empathizing instead of just writing someone off, taking over their duties or simply making decisions for them even when they are capacitated is wrong??

  1. Get to know someone first …
  2. Empathize, be in the present, and live in their past and cherish their lives…
  3. Understand needs and wants and haves: they are different at different stages of aging
  4. Keep priority as priority, rest does not matter…
  5. Find and work to a win-win situation…
  6. Use the ADL and IADL check list
  7. Make a list of their do’s, don’ts, takes, past and present
  8. Have a heart to heart conversation….it is not easy asking someone to be in a wheelchair and not attempt to walk on their own anymore..
  9. Make sure mental health issues are not present, seek counseling, examination when in doubt
  10. Prepare to be resilient, trying out solutions and helping all coming to terms
  11. When something is not right, it usually is not right…. Use intuition to benefit the senior in the aging process
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