What Ways Do Seniors Cope with Memory Loss?

Memory loss is not a normal part of aging. The elderly are very resilient people who have gone through life-changing experiences. However memory loss can feel like a jolt, for some vs not so for others.

As we age into the third decade of the 21st century, as longevity is now looked at through different angles, we must remember that coping skills are an essential part of this process.

For fear of dying is normal in many ways, fear of coping with memory loss is normal as well.

Memory loss can trigger hidden pains, anger, trust, faith, religion, and much more. This can be a very sensitive and comprehensive approach is the key to helping everyone in this.

Here are some ways seniors cope with memory loss and not all of them are normal, acceptable, and advised

  1. Shy away and not talk about it
  2. Camouflage and hide it with families, friends, neighbors, and community, mostly in the early to mid-stages
  3. Becoming fearful of losing independence, autonomy and having things of comfort taken away from them 
  4. Angered and frustrated that simple things were now becoming so difficult to manage, keep track or be taken care of
  5. Afraid others might find out and go into  wither anxiety or depression
  6. Become a recluse and suspicious of things, people, places due to poor judgment, comprehension, and other skills
  7. Self- doubt about one’s personal healthcare, past, the current situation
  8. Critical of their own cognition and critical of surroundings at times
  9. Losing patience, capacity to have meaningful conversations
  10. Becoming skeptical of interactions, other’s health, and so on
  11. Argumentative and inability to have a normal conversation
  12. Blame others and self 
  13. Feel conscious about self while outside home
  14. Restless, uncomfortable, reckless in their behavior or actions

While there are many more depending on the stages of cognitive impairment, nevertheless, it is important to understand this as the world ages and closes the gap with other generations in a matter of decade/s. Coping skills are very variable and there are many who become more humble, kinder, appreciative, and understanding. In the case of two partners or spouses, this dynamic can be very sensitive, often either opening new communication or in others shutting and distancing and sometimes even separations. 

If you have seen or heard of any others, please feel free to comment on our blog, we are here to share, learn, and grow. Thank you for being a part of empowerment with the mihygge series, we celebrate you, we listen to you and we are here for you all.

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