What should we look for before we move our elderly or seniors into a senior living community: the quintessential checklist

It is now time to help move grandma as she cannot live alone and prefers to spend the rest of her life in her hometown. This is quite often the reality, in some cases, it might be near a child’s home

The family ponders, and wonders will they make the right choice, how would they know, and how can they trust..

This is a daunting task if you were not from a senior living industry, a healthcare professional, or a professional caregiver. It is also a reality faced by many every single day all over the world… if not for senior living, then for senior care… 

Here are some basics, to begin with…the rest you may find when you search for senior living and care on our product website: “Find senior  living and care”

  1. The layout of the building
  2. The layout of the room
  3. Access to restrooms/toilets/showers
  4. Safety features
  5. Meals and nutrition
  6. Recreational and physical activities  
  7. Community and culture
  8. The ratio of caregivers to elderly
  9. Healthcare and medicine management
  10. Personal hygiene 

The common feature in all this, is mihygge, my cozy living, and my life’s simple pleasures. While every home makes every effort to welcome the elderly in very many wonderful ways, what the elderly and their family are looking for is very variable. Senior living communities are great homes for our elderly in many ways.. from being economically viable options to security for our elderly. They will never be like the past home an older adult has lived in, it is the mindset to view things in life differently. We will each be facing our aging dilemma in the years to come and we must be prepared for what lies ahead than what lies behind us… 

In saying, we conclude this blog, we would love to see your ideas, thoughts, or comments on this. Healthy aging is here and in our own special mihygge way. Thanks to all the senior living communities who help care for millions of seniors daily globally. We appreciate. 

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