The way to grow older, wiser, and healthier without spending any money!

Caregiving and the caregiver, the aged at home, or in senior living all want to grow older, wiser, and healthier! But why? How? What? which? 

Healthy aging is for all, present and future generations all want to know the secret and science behind it… As we look at the potions, lotions, skin treatments, brain stimulants, anything, and everything is out there… but what is not? 

To make the best use of our times, we need inner peace, joy, love, compassion, and empathy…. A mindset…. That will grow, can be nurtured, and will give manifold… and in doing that can receive more…. 

There is no science or is there? As we learn from our animal and plant kingdom, the life’s simple pleasures lie in basking in the shade like the lions, the quacking and wagging tails of a duck and a pet, the chirps and songs of a bird in the sky or a tree, the purring of a cat, the silence of the night in a forest… or the marvels of the gorgeous skies with shimmering stars…

Here are ways to grow older, wiser, and healthier without spending any money! Taking a walk in the woods

  1. Reflecting one’s gratitude in everything, not just writing in a book
  2. Sharing the last morsel of food with someone who needs
  3. Being generous with smiles and wishes every day and not just through cards or gifts
  4. Reveling in a cold water splash on one’s face helps rejuvenate our senses and selves
  5. Nurturing a dying plant, or person, through a gentle touch
  6. Finding the awe in everything… nature is truly amazing
  7. Not planning everything every day, sometimes letting it go …
  8. Making floral bouquets from anything in the garden..
  9. Creating meals with no recipes 
  10. Sitting and just watching…. A few minutes of this can truly help our inner souls… 

Mother Earth is full of charms,  her colors are the palette no one can create, her water is refreshing, and invigorating, her beings full of curiosities, her nature, and natural wonders a source of our inspirations, her greenery the bliss we crave, her culture the brainy activities we madly strive for, her harvests the nutrition our soul needs…. 

Growing beautiful as we age, is a lifestyle, not a price we pay for…the way to grow healthier, wiser, and older is through our inner charms, not by material wealth… such simplicity and humility have been the foundations of the most pretty, dashing, smart, skillful beloved elderly, our grandparents, great grandparents and for thousands of years… 

With this we conclude this blog, please check our blogs often to find something interesting, useful, and empowering… mihygge or cozy living is for all to enjoy, thank you. 

We look forward to your ideas, comments, feedback, and thanks much to everyone who has inspired us in 2020 and beyond. 

Warmest regards.

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