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The Knitting Kindred Spirit

Growing up in India, with only charcoal lit heaters in the central room, knitting around the fire was a common scene. This scenario so much tells us about our ancestral history, living, family structure, as seen in paintings, rugs, tapestry, castles, neighborhoods across the world.

Knitting is coming of fashion once again, as young people embrace as well as the elite of the society. Knitting is bonding together of threads, looms and memories woven with love, skills, knowledge, understanding, taking chances, creating, making for deeper significance.

While families were at war, females strengthened communities through joys of knitting together. Most aging seniors have challenged themselves with things that we don’t know. Learned a new art, redefined skills in arts, cooking, knitting and more…

Knitwear has changed, the needles are available in wood now, machines can churn up woolen garments successfully, and technology helps in preprogramming and machine dependency…. However the cherished hand knit blankets and sweaters are a treat and mystery, as they have stories to tell.

Receiving a pink hand knit blanket on the occasion of my second daughter’s birth by many elderly, not only made me emotional but special. How many would have been the recipient of such intricate love?

As I go over my own mother’s hand knit garments which are now hand me downs… here are a few of the favorite things about knitting:

1. Knitting is time taking love of patience, tolerance, kindness and happiness
2. Knitting is a treasure, to save it is to know your local shops, find gifts that are hand knit and support a local business in our town
3. There are uses for wool, felt, find out ways to use them as arts, share a trick or two with others
4. Ask the elderly, to get insight into the traditions that may be lost forever
5. Reuse, repurpose and redecorate if you have an eye for vintage style
6. Visit a local wool farm, during travel or country… help a farmer , help a friend, help heritage
7. Dress warmly for the occasion in style with pride from hand knit hand me downs or local thrift shops
8. Join a knitting club or bring the knitting club to senior homes, living, centers or places
9. Lobby for senior organizations that support arts and in turn support an elderly’s business for passion or profit
10. Empower the elderly to do things, appreciate and create communities to continue their favorite things.

So as we close, knitwear is always chic, fashion symbol, tag a local sheep farmer business, woolen mill or wool wear shop in your town in the comments section or message us, and let’s make this an experience we can’t wait to experience.

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