The hikes and walks we can learn from

Hikes and walks can be simple, tough, slow, or fast based on what we like, who we are, or even where it takes us to….it is something not strange or coincidental that memories are attached to every step of what we do in life! 

As I was saying goodbye to an elderly from the time as a Geriatrician, she quickly handed me a book & asked me to read it, smiled, and walked away. It was her book, her life, her family, her moments, and her priceless lessons! 

A gesture so kind and simple but would someday take me back to my bygone days and leading to our startup hygge. The book said, “ Stop to smell the roses” as elegant, worthy, brilliant, and yet so claustrophobic to many. 

As my career folded, her book and words haunted me… I stopped to smell the roses, went solo backpacking, and found a new joy. Though previously I was always full of life, it taught me self-love, self-belief, and that the world is so mortal indeed. 

Many times, our memories take us back to walks, hikes, strolls, or even casual footsteps in soil, sand, grass, curb, footpath, or even through the skies as if we had angel wings. In those little trances, we can learn a lot, if we stopped to smell the roses. 

Most of us have definitely walked with our parents, grandparents, or others at a zoo, a theme park, a children’s park, or perhaps around our neighborhood with a family pet or just holding hands or having fun. Did we then stop to smell the roses? Did we then just forget everything at that moment in time? Did we then embrace what was to come by next? Did we then feel safe, happy, peaceful, at bliss? 

For answers, we look deep inside, for questions, we look deep outside! 

Hikes and walks are quintessential activities for our elderly and whether they live by themselves, with caregivers, in a senior living, or with their families. The benefits are enormous and the potential to mind body and soul health ambitious. A few minutes or an hour, watching the birds, listening to the rustle of a leaf, admiring colorful blooms, or just soaking in the sunshine or the cozy air is all part of mihygge! 

Making it pleasurable is an ask and coming home from one with a twinkle in one’s eye an awesome experience … so why not make or create places for such in our senior living or community … wide open spaces with wheelchairs, canes, or walkers, where everyone can be their authentic self. Flowers, fruit trees lining such walks can create sensory awareness and delight thoughts, and help explore creativity all while enriching one’s journey of life. Life does begin at fifty and there is never an age limit for walks, strolls, hikes. 

We cannot wait to hear the stories of our elderly once again… there is so much more we could learn about or learn from… let’s make it happen, let’s include this as part of a daily routine. Hope you can share and enjoy these lovely moments during a walk with your beloved elderly, grandparent, partner, spouse, caregiver, family. Walking, hiking is life’s simple pleasures and they are part of our cozy living or mihygge. From us to you, happy and safe walking, hiking. Thank you. 

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