The Checklist To Use When Evaluating Senior Living and Care

As we grow old, we are challenged not just by our physical and mental health but also by our social health and wellbeing. Things that were fine at home, may no longer be or were indeed never normal. In these situations, the mounting pressure from spouses, children, community, and families does take a toll.

There are checklists for everything today from cooking to cleaning to gardening to even communicating. That is why we created the checklist that almost all of us sometime in our lives will need to use as we seek senior living and care to spend our retirement years in the most wonderful inspiring way possible! 

Besides the routine checklists, there are more than the vision can see and without deep introspection, the relationship can become challenging and not enjoyment worthy.

Here they are: 

  1. Is my mission in life and purpose aligned with senior living and care? 
  2. How do they support individual growth and comfort at the same time? 
  3. Do they foster a culture of mihygge? 
  4. Are they open to amendments and improvements, at the self and beyond? 
  5. How will it affect me as I get older further? 
  6. Are they scientifically drawn or rely on other things for information? 
  7. Where do they meet me ? in my personality, dreams, and future? 
  8. How open are they in accepting and celebrating?
  9. How do they use the elder council? 
  10. What makes them unique in comparison to others? Apart from food, style, people, care? 

This topic is in need of further exploration by the senior living and cares consumer and the provider regularly as the senior age because our lives are never static at any moment in time. Today, the world has changed much with technology and other advances, but as humans, we are still drawn to many aspects of our ancestral aging and living. 

We would love to hear more from you, we look forward to learning other aspects, so we can help others with mihygge!  

Thank you!

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