Size of rooms/cares

Happiness is where the heart is, but does the size of one’s home bring happiness or matter? While we think of suburban living, we are reminded of a traditional family and childhood or adulthood. While most of us might not prefer living in busy cities in skyscrapers, some do. City life vs suburban life or even a farm /country life. Similarly, post-retirement when older adults try to downsize or families decide to move their parents to smaller dwellings, it might not be as simple as we think. For some elderly, they would rather stay near the homes they raised their families while for others a change in climate, the atmosphere is all they were waiting for. The choices are so vast that it is impossible to compare each other. We call them all as unique, special, and grand. Every home or room has a story, so does a senior’s or senior living or care’s story matter? Absolutely it does. While the size of rooms or grandiose living does not equate to happiness and peace, care definitely does. While every one of the care providers is working hard to provide that special care or get that extra training, the choice ultimately lies in what an older adult or their responsible parties want or care about. Cozy living is a healthy choice, life’s simple pleasures are not about measurements

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