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Senior Well Being and Health

Wellbeing for all… is the new slogan. Seniors or a child… everyone deserves mental wellbeing, should be guided to wellbeing? Ancient sciences from across cultures, always have emphasized on wellbeing as the core of living, thriving or being. Certainly peace can help with health in many ways. A walk in the wooded area or across a grass field or a sip of favorite tea… are fine examples of living in the present and focusing on mental wellbeing.

Because wellbeing is the comfort of life’s simple pleasures, they are not costly, can be found anywhere, and solve human mind, body, soul, heart’s earthly cravings. In this world of material wealth, most seniors that I have worked with or known cared not for money, richness, glamour, or splendor…. But instead in the little things we all take for granted.

Senior wellbeing is directly related to their health… physical, emotional, spiritual, physiological and psychological. It will be ages and maybe never proven… as humans just know and feel, so the intuition is enough for people to cultivate or derive or get drawn towards the very basics of life on earth.

What can one do or how can one help?

  1. Understanding wellbeing
  2. Understanding the need for wellbeing for seniors
  3. Assimilating resources to help seniors
  4. Continuing the practices, as before, if a senior can or finding a suitable substitute
  5. Encouraging holistic aging
  6. Understanding needs of an aged or stages of aging and its’ needs
  7. Making it a win-win situation
  8. Understanding the personality of a senior and tailoring individualized solutions

Some of the ways…

  1. Spirituality and spiritual/ holy events, prayers, music,
  2. Nature and natural being, a walk, gardening, driving a senior through some green pastures
  3. Communal eating, at religious facilities, home with family or at the senior living center
  4. Assigning a member with similar needs to champion wellbeing
  5. Any other activities that help with mental wellbeing, mental peace…

Practicing, advocating or preaching… because everyone can help someone… We would love to inspire others reading this with more ideas, ways… so feel free to share. 

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