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Savoring Grandma’s Delights

Who would not agree? … If food was the way to or for every heart? Cooking is a religion of love, peace, harmony, energy, respect and happiness.

Grandma’s or Grandpa’s cooking is legendary in every household in every culture. Culture is life’s simple pleasures. The vast majority of recipes true and tried have now disappeared, as modernization and grab-n-go culture prevails. Food used to be a setting for great discussions, joys, and exchanges of knowledge, values, insights, mentoring and more.

My mother’s special recipes or the ones we get to try from years ago or served by those stalwarts/phoenixes of the culinary world or restaurant, are something one must experience… they are life’s simple pleasures.

For most seniors in living, or sharing or staying alone, these are not possible always, here’s how to make those fond memories come alive:
1. Create a day dedicated to sharing recipe and cooking according to the popular vote or decision
2. Bring in specialty chefs to cook , share, create the festive moods of the past
3. Teach and share the skills
4. Prepare special delights to try and test if possible and applaud a winning one!
5. Journeys, travels to local restaurants as an activity
6. Ordering via online menu for take home delivery
7. Quality and quantity at feast, special occasions, festivals, anniversaries
8. Spreading the kindness through gift giving of culinary related gifting themes
9. Printing articles on local digest, newsletter on delights by grandma and grandpa
10. Recreating photo memories albums, online or else to reminisce in leisure times

Writing this piece has inspired me to be brave and try new …share and recreate memories, give and take with unlimited open-mindedness. Savoring the delights of history is one of life’s simplest pleasures. We would love to hear from you, if this has inspired you, or not let us know…as we learn and share for a better delightful aging.

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