Reasons you need to know about Senior living and cares

Reasons you need to know about Senior living and cares:

  1. Culture (as they can find someone of their age, heritage, area of country). 
  2.  Separate entrances to their rooms /privacy.
  3. Ability to move in with spouse/sibling/children if need be. 
  4. Simple homely menus, served on time/ ho hassle of cooking, cleaning, shopping, or managing home, the families can also sit and enjoy a meal with happiness.They offer fine dining experiences as well restaurant style with changing menus weekly and in season. 
  5. No worries about managing yards/ gardens (the patio allows them to grow planters/pots, most senior living have gardens and walking paths). 
  6. Parking space (private) or valet or easy public parking on street. 
  7. Rooms have full length mirrors either in closet or bathrooms, easy to get ready. 
  8. Room Layout/plan is similar to their own rooms at their homes.
  9. Snack is available all day long.
  10. Happy hour/ afternoon tea/ coffee. 
  11. Library (for reading) listening to audiobooks, browsing or just chatting. 
  12. Entertainment (music, concerts in house, movies in movie theater or through television). 
  13.  Safety and security always (call lights, call buttons, life alert pendants, medical devices, etc.
  14. Friendships, sometimes leading to weddings or partnerships.
  15. Celebrations (personal, national, holidays) celebrate their friends, families.
  16. Proximity to families, friends, hospitals, other services they prefer.
  17. No worries about laundry, cleaning, housekeeping.
  18. In house beauty salon.
  19. Communications: free computer stations, tablets, wifi.
  20. Available help in times of need, can keep private caregivers if need be, and knowing all of them are trained professionals in elder care. 
  21. Recreational activities like bingo, outing in a van, shopping at a nearby mall, painting, crafts, arts, computer literacy classes.
  22. Participating in Resident council, opportunity to be an advocate, have their voices heard, be a resident leader, enhance one’s skills in public speaking, leadership etc.
  23. Participation in in house events, like an art display of their creativity, playing the piano, dancing, karaoke etc. 
  24. Spiritual freedom, many have in house chapels, temples, catering to spiritual health as well
  25.  Attached restrooms/ shower rooms for privacy.
  26. Closet space is big enough to keep belongings, some are walk in as well. 
  27. Pets, most allow pets of certain weights or height and companionship is encouraged, many have their own inhouse dog or cat resident that seniors can pet, talk to, feed and play. 
  28. Visit with animal therapy and animal rescue groups.  
  29. In house Doctor / podiatrist/ home health care /hospice & palliative care for health care per needs. 
  30. Freedom to live like they want to, with room service when unwell to their meal menus or family outings. Each person is treated special. 
  31. Medication management, medications are housed, refilled, dispensed, according to orders from health care professionals. 
  32. Visitations by local school children, non profit organizations, girl and boy scouts, 4-H, for entertainment, arts, decorating a Christmas tree, carolling, local church groups, annual holidays and so on. 
  33. Available for short term, also known as respite, long term. However long they want, the senior can stay there. 
  34. Can help with transition of care i.e an elderly can live the rest of their life, as they also care for Continuity of care.  
  35. They cater to elderly of all ages from 55 and above. 
  36. Some are specialized and offer care for mental health like memory issues, Alzheimer’s, etc. 
  37. People ambulatory and non ambulatory can enjoy senior living and care, many are specialized to handle certain inabilities and have homes and rooms structured for ease, comfort, convenience.  
  38. They can help elderly with any financial capabilities and there is something for everyone. 
  39. The size is variable as well, seniors/ families can choose from single homes to large gated communities. 
  40. Their purpose is to help our elderly and care giving is not easy. So these homes, communities truly want to bring a cozy living atmosphere to our elderly so they can enjoy life’s simple pleasures.   
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