Preventing Seniors from making wrong choices

Elderly choices + elderly freedom, is that true, if yes, think again and again….

Making a choice means different on a spectrum of elderly even of the same age…

Why? Do we then think this is easy or difficult… for the results can often lead to many times the unthinkable or unfathomable…

Seniors are a range from 65 and over, for some, it might be 75, before they consider themselves elderly, and does that really matter? If so how and why? 

Here in this blog, we explore how we must prevent seniors from making wrong choices! 

  1. Being alert about an elderly’s mental, physical, and financial health. 
  2. Knowing what their competency and mental capacity are (these are two different terminologies and very misleading) 
  3. Respect boundaries and the DNR or other documents prepared by the elderly in advance. 
  4. Becoming a crusader and not a commander to the elderly, 
  5. Prognosis, medications that may affect mental clarity, and diagnoses are all key components..
  6. Living conditions, community, distance from family
  7. Abilities in terms of ADL ( activities of daily living ) or IADL ( independent activities of daily living ) : please see our blog on this through search kindly. 
  8. Risks of freedom, and what does freedom mean to them? 
  9. Keeping together everyone in this, united family for the best interest of the elderly  
  10. Researching, educating, and empowering of elderly if they have the mental capacity and if not using the best means to find answers for the things the elderly needs or wants. 

There are hundreds of other ways, for more information, check out our other blogs, we love hearing and appreciate all ideas, comments, and feedback…. Please be welcome to share them with us… as mihygge is a journey and it takes a village to serve our wonderful and wise elderly! 

Thank you.

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