February Planter Box Craft

Photo by Jeeray TANG on Unsplash

Mihygge February Creative Corner: Strawberry plants and bare root strawberries are in season! Here is a wonderful fun art made with love, for love, and of love! 

You will need:

  • A small saucer-shaped terracotta or a recycled planter box with holes on the bottom
  • One quart of potting soil
  • Four everbearing bare root or strawberry plants
  • A small paintbrush
  • Small red and white paint bottles
  • A little clay 
  • A few river stones
  • Light sharpie marker pen

Now pour the soil into the planter box and make sure to cover the base of the planter box with some river stones before down putting the soil. Place the strawberry plants equidistant from each other on the planter and make sure they are not completely submerged or else crown rot will set in. Now, take some clay and mold it into heart shapes. Paint the hearts with white and let them dry completely. When dried, paint them with the red color with at least two coats. Now dry them and place them on the planter between the strawberry plants. You can also write inspirational words, such as “LOVE”, “JOY”, “KINDNESS”, “HUGS”, “SWEET KISSES”, etc., with a light sharpie marker pen! 

This is a fun activity for any elderly person in senior living and care. It is perfect patio art that can be a fun gift for anyone! Celebrate the month of love with giving! Your planter box will bring a smile to your face as you enjoy strawberries in the upcoming months! The red, heart-shaped clay figures will keep the birds at bay, as they will detest coming near your planter once they peck the red hearts! You can also substitute the red hearts with stones or playdough! This is a great project to help seniors tone their finer finger movements and joints!  

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