How to Form a Valuable Friendship with an Elderly with Declining Cognitive Abilities?

Friendship goes beyond boundaries, some lasting a lifetime or generations! Friendship is the essence of our very social survival, creativity, and core values. Friendship is part of our history, culture, heritage and so much more. Why does friendship then wane when one person in the equation is not cognitively sound anymore? Or does it? Today we explore ways to challenge ourselves and begin a new conversational series from mihygge. 

What defines friendship, is what defines our mindset? Having a valuable friendship, something more than a chat, conversation with someone with declining abilities can be easy for some, harder for others. So no one here is wrong or right, for we are all unique, and so have we seen about friendship as our elderly develop cognitive impairment. 

Here are ways of building lasting friendships:

  1. Keep an open mindset
  2. Appreciate the past, live in the present, and love the future
  3. Friendships always do not need to be balanced, there is much to learn from giving than receiving
  4. A little chat, a little meeting, can be so much beneficial
  5. Conversations are about having fun and so is friendships, ruminating over fine details and feeling alarmed can instill insecurity in any relationships
  6. Accept people as they are, keeping aside personal judgments can open new vistas 
  7. A thank you note is sufficient than costly gifting
  8. Exchanging humor, creativity can spark imagination on either side and bring out the best in anyone
  9. Happiness and authenticity is still the golden ticket
  10. It is ok to learn and grow through friendships, for friendships is infinity only if we consider it that way
  11. Beauty lies in heralding and glorifying beautiful moments in present circumstances and being humble to let go of those happy moments to savor new ones like someone’s mental abilities decline, for in there lies the beauty and power of friendships

Hope the ideas resonated with yours, we would love to hear from you, be sure to comment, like, and share. Wishing good friendship blessings and much love.

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