How to Find Life’s Simple Pleasures with Your New Senior Living

Do we really have to give up our joys, cozy living when we relocate from our home, downsize, for any specific reason? Not really. While we seek mihygge in a new place, there are ways we can find them ourselves! This might surprise many of you, but it is the laws of nature for health is not being not sick but being multifactorial safe, secure, confident, inspiring, and accommodating. 

Of course, this could spark a debate. For the world has become more self-conscious or even self-entitled with instant gratification seen as life’s simple pleasures. It is the hard truth we have to face as we look into our souls.

So when renting, or sharing, or buying, there are many ways one can consider, given the health of the elderly. It definitely helps to uncover oneself and be prepared, as old age comes fast without notice.

We discuss this in the context of healthy aging and it starts with each of us.

So let’s find out how to find one’s life’s simple pleasures in any type of senior living no matter the size or cost:

  1. Define what matters to us and what does not …
  2. What are life’s simple pleasures? 
  3. What do life’s simple pleasures mean to me as a younger version of myself and currently?
  4. Do I take time to savor everything or else what?
  5. How do I feel every morning when I wake up?
  6. What are the things that bring the best in ourselves or me? 
  7. Which things make me smile and which do not?
  8. Am I grateful for where I have come and what I have done with my past?
  9. Is there a peace knowing my past?
  10. Do I know what simple little pleasures are? 
  11. How best do I plan to use my time now?
  12. What have I admired in others? And what have I seen what others have done? 
  13. What is the best way to find these where I live now?
  14. Do I have a gratitude journal? Or have I kept one that I can access now?
  15. Am I ready for this? 

A greet, a smile, a wave, a thank you, a hello, a goodbye all mean much to everyone. These are life’s simple pleasures. Along with extra stroll in the garden, a hot cup of tea, admiring the birds flocking to the birdfeeder, keeping count of bees visited a pollinator pot, reading a book, or dancing a jingle. Even if it is as simple as greeting a neighbor, wishing others well, inspiring, and being inspired through small gestures. These are some of the ways which can send one on the right path to a perfect retirement or like we say, begin life again at retirement! 

We are grateful to the examples out there of mihygge, we look forward to hearing and reading many such stories. Wherever we are, we are blessed and inspired by ourselves and others.

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