Family ties & tidings, coming together as we become older or care for our elderly

Have you ever thought about how those simple acts of celebrations have changed as we aged, became older, lost our near and dear ones, or even lived apart? It might be something we may think less about as we go about our daily business, but in the business of caregiving and aging, it plays a very important role! 

Gone are those days when family reunions could be generations, immediate or extended… and carefree as it was, without the world of technology that we live in now…that a kind gesture of just getting the invitation to a family event, a reunion could get us in the mood…Not so today, as we socially distance since 2020, due to the pandemic and even prior to that…. Sometimes these little invites now become a burden, a chore, a second-guessing, a priority or not, stress, a distant dream, or even anger! Why is it so? To make matters worse, the larger and the farther, the bigger the worries, mental breakdowns are all too common, not just for the caregivers or elderly but for the generation between…

So how do we come together? Or should we? or shall we? Or would we? or what if? and what if not? With virtuality becoming our new reality, there is a blurring of boundaries, presence, interests, responsibilities and so much more! 

What are ways that we could do now or in the months or years to come, for pre-pandemic, our choices were yes or no, but now, we have many more, how? Here we explore some such: 

  1. Not waiting for everyone else to wish someone or celebrate … take that leap and have fun!
  2. A message, a call even if once in a while is enough for most people…so make that ring!
  3. A card or e – card for a surprise sure will surprise for a surprisingly long time, so get in that mood!
  4. Is food only a culture or a conversation, then send or share that special! A wait could be too late
  5. Sport that style or wear that outfit, that reminds you of a tiding or celebration, it will make you feel even more grateful, so flaunt that style! 
  6. Loneliness or isolation are not the same, take your next step, go for the walk and listen to a favorite music or dance to a beat that bring memories of family tidings! 
  7. Skills are a spectrum and nothing and no one is perfect, so get that cooking show in your kitchen or knit that scarf …a pro is a mindset!
  8. Memories never fade, we all knew, what if we dug into it and wrote ourselves a letter or story? So dig into those photos of yonder and get thinking! 
  9. Everyone of us at some time felt unappreciated, what if we reverse it, by sending a thank you bouquet to someone that felt the same? Floral designs do not hurt but bring happiness to the beholder and the giver! 
  10. Surprises have no age boundaries as do the above nine, so how about getting on a virtual call with a weird or special do, and make someone’s day through humor! Laughter is indeed medicine for the heart, mind, soul, body, a smile exercises and builds up the person.. so do we need that extra run? Ask again..hmmm

Hope you had a fun time, laughing as you read our post, we wanted to bring humor and laughter to our worlds, and yes we need more of it every day… it is never out of style and family ties and tidings can be special if we embrace, empower, inspire through smiles, fun! A celebration can indeed age our day with gratitude… we would love to hear your thoughts, please share and comment, we look forward to with each blog…Thank you

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