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May brings the buzz in our outdoors or indoors. It is time for some music, fun and memories. Here is a simple mother’s day floral design that is reminiscent of the bygone era.

  1. For a special look, you will need a vintage or current glass floral design container
  2. A bunch of sweet peas, a packet of dwarf sweet pea seeds, jute string.
  3. Make a floral design with the sweet peas (for best fragrance use old English varieties Not the hybrid ones )
  4. Tie the jute string around the neck of the bottle like a bow, write a mini handwritten card/note of love and glue the sweet peas seed packet to the card/note.
  5. Let it dry, now roll the two, tie them together with a string as above and insert onto the bow at the neck of the bottle.

Sweet peas are special, their fragrance will delight for weeks, once dried can be used as pot pourri as well. (All parts of sweet peas are poisonous and inedible and hence caution and judgement must be used when gifting) A gift that will keep on giving when come autumn or next spring, our elderly can use this to sow some in their window boxes, pots.  

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